Decor For The Mantle

To me, a fireplace symbolizes the heart of a home, which makes it my favorite architectural feature of a home. A fireplace mantle is a place where we can show case our personality, style, and beliefs all in one place. The best part? It’s an ever-changing design feature in a home. Restyling my fireplace mantle to display the beauty of each season is something I always look forward to each and every season change.
I want to share with you a few easy rules that my fellow interior designers and myself keep in mind when decorating a fireplace mantle. In light of the Christmas season, my examples are paired with Christmas décor!
Your anchor is your large centerpiece that grabs the viewers attention. Here I have shown a Winter wreathe.
Add height to one side of your mantle with something tall. One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a large clear vase with different colors and sizes of ornaments inside.
Organic shapes.
The perfect organic shape I love to recommend is foliage. Here I have shown holly berry garland. This brings in a touch of nature, which adds ambiance to a room.
This can be several items of several sizes. I chose to layer different heights of candles. You can also combine different sized books, or potted plants.
If certain areas of your mantle seem to dominate everything else, layer objects in front of that space to draw away some of the attention from that particularly dominating object. This could be a wide range of décor. Family photos, your favorite quotes, even your kids’ art work!
We hope these simple tips help you make your fireplace the heart of your home each and every season to come.
Happy decorating!