What flooring is right for you?

Buying new floors can be a challenging task for most homeowners. It can be overwhelming and you may feel like the options are endless. But don’t worry! You are not alone! We find that asking yourself these questions below will help you choose the perfect flooring for you.

1. Where is the room located and how will it be used?

If the room is a wet area you should stay away from wood floors. If you would like your bedroom to have a soft warm feel to it, maybe consider a luxuriously soft carpet!

2. What will be the rooms climate?

Wood needs to be in a climate-controlled room. If you have a four-season room that is not climate controlled, tile is always a great option. There are even some vinyl composite materials that would work as well!

3. Will your new and existing flooring coordinate?

An example I always like to share is: If you have hardwood running through the majority of the home, you probably don’t want to mix in another hardwood due to the high chances of them clashing with each other.

4. What level of floor care is needed and will you be able to accommodate the upkeep?

Let’s say you have a growing family, pets, hectic schedules. You probably don’t want a high maintenance floor. You need a floor that will withstand the hustle and bustle of your growing family and busy days! The perfect fit for you is a vinyl plank. Most vinyl planks are engineered to be waterproof, kid proof, and pet proof!

5. Does anyone in your home have allergies?

Any hard flooring is a good option for you. If you love carpet, there are some really great products made with hypoallergenic fibers!